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Bella Pesky
Bella Pesky
Full name Bella Pesky
Nickname(s) none
Gender Female
Species Maggot
Age 0-1
Occupation(s) none
Family Chauncey Pesky (father)
Frieda Pesky (mother)
Aldrin Pesky (brother)
Maggie Pesky (sister)
Pupert Pesky (brother)
Zeb (uncle)
Florence Pesky (aunt)
2 unnamed uncles
4 unnamed cousins
Location Stickyfeet
Production info
Voice talent Tara Strong
Episode count 18
First appearance "The Flyinator"
Last appearance "Roach Hotel"

Bella Clarissa Pesky (Tara Strong) is the youngest of the Pesky siblings and is still in the stage of a maggot. Like Maggie she has pink hair, she can only say "Gah" and "Goo". She can juggle, dance breakdance and ballet.[1] Bella doesn't have a big part of any episode, except "Sister Act", in all the others, she's often just sitting at dining table. Although she doesn't have any arms, she has her own fork and glass.


  1. The Buzz on Maggie episode: "Sister Act"

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