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Dawn Swarworthy
Full name Dawn Swatworthy
Nickname(s) none
Gender Female
Species Fly
Age 14-16
Occupation(s) Office aide (formerly)
Family unnamed mother
Relatives unknown
Location Stickyfeet
Production info
Voice talent Tara Strong
Episode count 9
First appearance "The Science Whatchamcallit" (cameo)
"The Candidate"
Last appearance "Bugtillion"

Dawn Swatworthy (Tara Strong) is the snob of the series.


Dawn has two friends that always follow her. She is very vain, shallow, bad-tempered, self-centered, and is the school's most popular girl. Dawn is genuinely uncaring towards the others. Gym Shorts Kid is her biggest fan and often gives her his shorts as gift for respect. Dawn and Maggie are rivals.



Dawn carries by some butlers.

Dawn sees herself as (like) a celebrity and has huge thoughts about herself. It's unconfirmed, but she is probably dating Aldrin. Dawn is very mean and snobby.

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