Eugene and Wendell (Jess Harnell) are two genius and Nerd beetles.

The Buzz on Maggie characters
The Peskys and relatives
Maggie Pesky | Aldrin Pesky | Pupert Pesky | Bella Pesky | Chauncey Pesky | Frieda Pesky | Florence Pesky | Zeb
Buzzdale Academy staff and students
Rayna Cartflight | Dawn Swatworthy | Maria Monarch | Lacey Ladybug | Eugene and Wendell | George | Ruben "Gym Shorts Kid" | Snapercival Carpenter | Melvin Stinkelton | Chip | Lefty | Lukas | Principal Peststrip | Mrs. Wingston | Cornelius Bugspit | Mrs. Lunchlady | Nurse Hatchison | Troy

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