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Maria Monarch
Full name Maria Monarch
Nickname(s) none
Gender Female
Species Monarch butterfly
Age 12-13
Occupation(s) none
Family unknown
Relatives unknown
Location Stickyfeet
Production info
Voice talent Tara Strong
Episode count 3
First appearance "The Candidate"
Last appearance "Synchronized Flying"

Maria Monarch (Tara Strong) is a monarch butterfly.


Maria came to Stickyfeet because her father was tired of "the whole South America to North America-thing." In her first appearance, she resembled an unattractive nerd (and also very clumsy), but Maggie and Rayna gave her a make-over. Maria later became the most popular girl in school. She won Homecoming Queen, but Pupert had count the votes wrong so Dawn won instead. Although, everyone wanted Maria to win.

Maria appeared again in "The Hangout", where she helped Maggie and Rayna to keep their hangout.

Her last appearance was in "Synchronized Flying", where she was supposed to compete in a Synchronized Flying competition with Rayna.


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