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"Shoo fly, you botherin' me."

Pupert Pesky
Full name Pupert Pesky
Nickname(s) Pupie
Gender Male
Species Fly
Age 7-8
Occupation(s) Buzzdale Academy Student
Family Chauncey Pesky (father)
Frieda Pesky (mother)
Maggie Pesky (sister)
Aldrin Pesky (brother)
Bella Pesky (sister)
Zeb (uncle)
Florence Pesky (aunt)
2 unnamed uncles
4 unnamed cousins
Location Stickyfeet
Production info
Voice talent Thom Adcox-Hernandez
Episode count 28
First appearance "The Flyinator"
Last appearance "Roach Hotel"

Pupert Alexander Pesky (Thom Adcox-Hernandez) is a the second youngest of the Pesky siblings. Once Pupert had a crush on a girl called Lucy.[1] He wrote a song to her, that Maggie performed in front of whole Stickyfeet.

Personality Edit

Maggie and Aldrin's younger 7-year-old brother, is nothing short of an average kid. He is clumsy, loves to have fun with Maggie, and takes great pride in the small tasks he accomplishes. He is an expert at photography and tattling and has a big sweet tooth. Unlike Aldrin and Maggie, Pupert isn't selfish. He thinks about others and their wants instead of himself and his needs.

Skills Edit

Relationships Edit

Maggie Pesky Edit

Pupert and Maggie is most like friends, but Maggie is using him in a few situations for her selfish interests. Pupert sometimes sabotages for Maggie, but not on purpose.[2]

Aldrin Pesky Edit

Aldrin wants Pupert in his team when he wants to do something against Maggie.[3] But otherwise, Aldrin is teasing Pupert.

Lucy Edit

Pupert had a crush on Lucy in "The Price of Fame". In the end, they went steady. Lucy made cameos in other episodes, but it's not confirmed if they are still together.

Chauncey and Frieda Pesky Edit

Pupert's relation to his parents is great. Because of Pupert's kindness, and that he is not selfish, they never punish him. Most because that he never does anything bad.

References Edit

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  2. The Buzz on Maggie episode: "Spelling Bees"
  3. The Buzz on Maggie episode: "Rottingmuck Ranch"

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