Rayna Cartflight[1] (Cree Summer) is Maggie's best friend, although Maggie often breaks promises. Rayna always finds flaws in Maggie's plans, even if her plans are even more crazy, but they are often nearly impossible to complete.

Life style Edit

Personality Edit

Rayna is a pretty smart student at Buzzdale Academy.[2] She's also fashionable and very perky.[2] Unlike Maggie's selfish plans, Rayna's are nearly impossible to perform.

Appearance Edit

Rayna has a big pair of yellow cat-eye glasses, a horizontal-striped shirt, a green skirt, fishnet stockings and black boots with green heals. Her hair is dark blue. Her mother was there in Playdates.

Family Edit

Rayna's family is quite unknown, only her mother appears in a few episodes. It is unknown if she has any siblings.

Absents Edit

Episodes Rayna did not appear in:


  • Her name is pronounced like reina, the Spanish word for queen.
  • Before she and Maggie became best friends, Rayna was best friends with a girl-fly named Tammy Zesty.


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