"Roach Hotel"
Season 1
Episode number 21b
Airdate January 22, 2006
Written by Chris Bowman
Director(s) Dave Wasson
Executive Producer(s) Dave Polsky
Dave Wasson
Co-Executive Producer(s) Laura Perkins Brittain
Story Editor(s) Brandon Sawyer
Casting Director(s) Jamie Thomason
Charlie Adler
Episode chronology
"Synchronozed Flying" "The Return: Decision 2018"
Roach Hotel is the second segment of the 21st episode of The Buzz On Maggie.

Every year, the Pesky's go to a lake, while Maggie tries to persuade her parents to go somewhere cooler. When Maggie pretends to be a Japanese buisnessfly and reserves the Pesky's vacation to Lake Ranson, the Pesky's go to a mountain resort, where Aldrin, who is furious by the cancelled Lake Ranson vacation, attemps to make the vacation as miserable as possible so the family will go back to their old vacation spot.